A guided approach to connect federated data sources

Effective utilization of Cloud Function using BigQuery computing power

Use Case

  1. Design a data processing pipeline to load data from Cloud Storage to BigQuery

Systematic approach to generate data quality statistics from BigQuery tables

Password Encryption at Rest and in Transit

Problem Statement

Securing sensitive information begins with a proper understanding of security controls and the protection of passwords using modern encryption algorithms. Over the past decades, we have seen major security breaches exposing numerous usernames and passwords. As a result, millions of accounts impacted, and data compromised. With every password breach raises…

360-degree view of enterprise logs and point-in-time root cause analysis

Problem Statement

IT infrastructure optimization is paramount to the success of any organization. However, organizations take a reactive approach to address this need after realizing cost overruns or bottlenecks in the IT infrastructure. The need of the hour is to have a proactive approach to accomplish desired goals.

Soumendra Mishra

Passionate Leader, Technology Enthusiast, Innovator, and Mentor

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